Empowering you with training that fits your strategic goals.

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Empowering you with training that fits your strategic goals.


The Learning Platform provides customized training and workforce development with continually updated and relevant coursework to address dynamic, diverse, real-world needs.


Mobile Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Experienced Faculty With Real-Life Industry Knowledge

Timely and Relevant Courses

Why Choose The Learning Platform?


Global Professional Network

Strategic partnerships with a broad range of organizations provide us with unfettered access to key nuances and challenges across multiple industries. These critical insights shape our curriculum, so you’ll benefit from industry-driven, relevant content.


Practitioner-Developed Training

Industry practitioners and subject matter experts inform our development process, merging academic knowledge with real-world practicality to produce training that is concise, engaging, and applicable to today’s needs.

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Online Flexibility

We built our online learning model specifically for working adults. You will study alongside other diverse, career-focused professionals located around the globe. Our flexible course schedule helps with time management, and our engaging online classroom and mobile access allow for anywhere, anytime studying.


Award-Winning Education

Engage with award-winning experts and organizations in your industry. Through innovative learning strategies, you’ll acquire a depth of resources and knowledge relevant to your professional goals.

Gain skills today that will prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges.