COVID-19 101

Offered by the Extension School of American Public University System

COVID-19 is a global pandemic. This course provides an introduction to epidemiologic concepts, surveillance, and risk management approaches related to the outbreak of COVID-19. We will focus on the science of recognizing, mitigating, and managing COVID-19. We will discuss several perspectives including Public Health surveillances, Healthcare Professionals including Nursing, Healthcare Administration, Mental Health and Stress, Maternal and Child Health, Social Distancing and Healthy Housing, and Economics.

Disclaimer: The statistics in this course regarding active and total infections, transmissions and treatments were accurate at the time of course development. In order to view the latest statistics in your area, please visit your local health department.

Prerequisites: None

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Upon successful completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the epidemiology including surveillances and managing COVID-19.
  • Explain social distancing & other factors in mitigation of the effects of COVID-19.
  • Recognize the impact on Maternal and Child Health from COVID-19.
  • Evaluate the laboratory testing and vaccine options for COVID-19.
  • Identify mental health issues and discuss ways to cope with stress during COVID-19.
  • Review and summarize the healthcare professional work to mitigate COVID-19.


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Preview
    2 minutes
  • Topic One: COVID-19: Cases and Surveillance in the United States Preview
    10 minutes
  • Topic One Knowledge Check
    7 questions
  • Topic Two: COVID-19: Social Distancing and Staying Healthy at Home: Flattening the Curve
    10 minutes
  • Topic Two Knowledge Check
    10 questions
  • Topic Three: COVID-19: Impact of Maternal and Child Health
    10 minutes
  • Topic Three Knowledge Check
    12 questions
  • Topic Four: COVID-19: Economics
    10 minutes
  • Topic Four Knowledge Check
    6 questions
  • Topic Five: COVID-19: Evaluation, Laboratory Testing and Vaccine
    10 minutes
  • Topic Five Knowledge Check
    8 questions
  • COVID-19: Mental Health and Stress
    15 minutes
  • COVID-19: Mental Health and Stress Knowledge Check
    8 questions
  • Introduction Preview
    2 minutes
  • Topic One: Challenges for Healthcare Providers
    10 minutes
  • Topic 1 Knowledge Check
    6 questions
  • Topic Two: Healthcare Professionals—Ethics
    10 minutes
  • Topic 2 Knowledge Check
    4 questions
  • Topic Three: Health Insurance and the Coronavirus
    10 minutes
  • Topic 3 Knowledge Check
    4 questions

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