Welcome to AWS Academy Cloud Foundations hosted by the AMU Extension School.


This course is intended for students who seek an overall understanding of cloud computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

Structure of Course

This 20-hour course must be completed within a three-month time-frame. Your access to course materials is approximately three months from time of enrollment.

Your Certificate of Completion:

To gain your certificate of completion for completing this course through The Learning Platform, you will need to gain at least an 80 percent overall course grade by participating in each discussion and submitting the final assessment. The breakdown of the participation grade is:

10 points = Getting Started – Discussion 1
10 points = Module 01 – Discussion 2
10 points = Module 02 – Discussion 3
10 points = Module 03 – Discussion 4
10 points = Module 04 – Discussion 5
10 points = Module 05 – Discussion 6
40 points = Assessment
——————— 100 Total Points possible (You need 80 points to get your certificate.)

You will be working in two platforms: The Learning Platform and the AWS Academy platform.

Here in The Learning Platform, you will find all of the instructions to get your account with AWS Academy setup, engage with other students and send any questions to your course instructor.

In the AWS Academy platform, you will read your lessons and do your labs which are the course content materials. In order to access your course content, please signup for your AWS Academy Student account using the steps in the Getting Started Guide in the next module.

Once you have reviewed all the material on this page, please click the next button below to go to the Getting Started Guide.  Download your Getting Started Guide as well as the course outline in the following section.

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Welcome to the prep course and we’re glad you are here. Your success is important to us and if you have any questions during your studies for the certification, please reach out to your instructor.