Topic One: COVID-19: Cases and Surveillance in the United States – Samer Koutoubi

  • COVID-19 cases
  • COVID-19 Surveillance
  • Predictive Modeling

Topic Two: COVID-19: Social Distancing and Staying Healthy at Home: Flattening the Curve Vicky Graham

  • Social Distancing and Flattening the Curve
  • Staying Healthy at Home
  • Protecting Vulnerable Family Members
  • Emotional & Physical Wellness in the Time of COVID-19

Topic Three: COVID-19: Impact of Maternal and Child Health Kathleen Mangeri

  • What Does Developmentally Appropriate Mean?
  • Ages and Stages of Development
  • Being Pregnant During COVID 19
  • Helping Children Cope with Boredom

Topic Four: COVID-19: Economics Fereidoon Shahrokh

  • Economics
  • The Cost of Economic Recovery
  • Expansionary Fiscal and Monetary Policies
  • The impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on National Debt and Budget Deficit
  • Unemployment and Jobless Claims
  • Stagflation

Topic Five: COVID-19: Evaluation, Laboratory Testing and Vaccine Samer Koutoubi

  • COVID-19 Laboratory Testing
  • Serology Testing and Antibody Response
  • Criteria to Guide Evaluation and Laboratory Testing for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Vaccine

**PLEASE NOTE: The statistics within this course were accurate at time of authoring, however, the situation with COVID is evolving rapidly and we encourage you to visit your local health department website for the most accurate current statistics.