When you are using TOR, you need to remember that all is not as it seems. Someone you are dealing with is as interested as you are in protecting identifying information that would lead you to that person. TOR is designed for anonymity and to prevent spying and eavesdropping, however, that does not mean it can’t be done. They can try to spy on you as much as you can spy on them. Nothing is fool-proof and your anonymity may be compromised if you do not stay on your toes. The other person will be as wary of you as you are of them. Don’t take anything or anyone at face value. At some point, though, you may have to rely on information you receive from them.

One of the weaknesses of TOR is that you have to rely on somebody that you may not know or trust.

Those who are trying to dodge surveillance or participate in illegal activities are the ones who will do anything to discover who you really are. Never forget that your anonymity is your most important asset.