James Deater, Jr.

James Deater, Jr. spent 28 years in law enforcement, including 19 years working with electronic surveillance and the interception of secure communications. He has served as an expert witness for cases involving drug investigations and electronic surveillance. He has also authored more than 75 wiretaps and co-authored an additional 25 at the federal and state levels. He has managed more than 100 wiretap investigations.

In addition, Mr Deater has been deputized by the FBI, DEA, US Marshals, and ICE/HSI. His background in electronic surveillance led him to investigations involving DarkNet operations and creating training for law enforcement. He is currently a Director in the Extension School.

Video Introduction from Instructor James Deater, Jr., Law Enforcement Professional and Surveillance Specialist

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Michael O. Cartner

Michael O. Cartner is a corporal and a 22-year veteran of the Maryland State Police. He has investigated crimes ranging from homicides to drug distribution. He is a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), is a DRE instructor, and has testified as an expert in federal and state courts. He also has over 10 years of experience as a narcotics investigator where he employed wiretaps and carried out surveillance operations including IP intercepts on the DarkNet. He has also been a firearms training instructor and served as member of the DEA’s clandestine laboratory enforcement team.

Prior to the Maryland State Police, Cartner was a non-commissioned officer in the United State’s Marine Corps and specialized in the use of explosives, landmines, and booby traps. He also possesses a Class B commercial explosive license in the State of Maryland.